Self Portrait

I did­n’t look much like that image when I cre­at­ed it, but after shav­ing my head, it’s become some­thing of a self portrait.

It still does­n’t look any­thing like me, though.

…so just for fun, I adapt­ed it:

It’s a bit slop­py, but a fair likeness.


I make a lot of char­ac­ter sketch­es, mov­ing on from one to the next with­out both­er­ing to cre­ate a body or cloth­ing, much less a con­text for that char­ac­ter to exist in. They’re more a tech­ni­cal exer­cise than any­thing else; devel­op­ing speed and dex­ter­i­ty in my 3D sculpt­ing soft­ware. But it occurred to me one morn­ing that this actu­al­ly does echo a branch of com­mer­cial pho­tog­ra­phy — the actor’s head shot.

Here’s a few:

timelapse: digital character sculpting

I’ve been sit­ting on this video for over a year, try­ing to record some kind of com­men­tary track. 

I’ve gone the instruc­tion­al route, I’ve gone philo­soph­i­cal, tried to explain the cre­ative process, tried to explain what drew me into this crazy world of dig­i­tal sculpt­ing in the first place.

Call me a per­fec­tion­ist, but I did­n’t like any of it. So I’m giv­ing up. Post­ing it silent. See what I care.

Note: ZBrush has had a major new release or two since then, so this does­n’t demon­strate any of the new tools.