timelapse: digital character sculpting

I’ve been sit­ting on this video for over a year, try­ing to record some kind of com­men­tary track. 

I’ve gone the instruc­tion­al route, I’ve gone philo­soph­i­cal, tried to explain the cre­ative process, tried to explain what drew me into this crazy world of dig­i­tal sculpt­ing in the first place.

Call me a per­fec­tion­ist, but I did­n’t like any of it. So I’m giv­ing up. Post­ing it silent. See what I care.

Note: ZBrush has had a major new release or two since then, so this does­n’t demon­strate any of the new tools.

simple animation test

This video’s a few years old. I was try­ing to doc­u­ment my meth­ods for sculpt­ing a char­ac­ter head in ZBrush.

The ani­ma­tion was pro­duced by just export­ing the work in progress at var­i­ous phas­es, and using the result­ing mesh­es as morph tar­gets in 3D stu­dio max.

The music is… well, it’s some­thing I should prob­a­bly fin­ish writ­ing some­day. But I only had a few sec­onds to fill, so there we are.

Every part of this is some­thing I’d do dif­fer­ent­ly today. The advance­ments in soft­ware have been crazy!