timelapse: digital character sculpting

I’ve been sitting on this video for over a year, trying to record some kind of commentary track.

I’ve gone the instructional route, I’ve gone philosophical, tried to explain the creative process, tried to explain what drew me into this crazy world of digital sculpting in the first place.

Call me a perfectionist, but I didn’t like any of it. So I’m giving up. Posting it silent. See what I care.

Note: ZBrush has had a major new release or two since then, so this doesn’t demonstrate any of the new tools.

simple animation test

This video’s a few years old. I was trying to document my methods for sculpting a character head in ZBrush.

The animation was produced by just exporting the work in progress at various phases, and using the resulting meshes as morph targets in 3D studio max.

The music is… well, it’s something I should probably finish writing someday. But I only had a few seconds to fill, so there we are.

Every part of this is something I’d do differently today. The advancements in software have been crazy!