Who am I?

I’m this guy. Are we done here?

Having reinvented myself so many times over the years, that’s a difficult question to answer. Let’s break it down into contexts:

Who are you at work?

Professionally, I’m what we call a front-end developer. This means I build the parts of a website or application that you actually interact with. It’s a position that involves some layout, programming, and light animation skills.

I spent a lot of years in online entertainment marketing. More recently, I’ve transitioned to the realm of “Software as a Service”. With either, I’ve found the creative and technical problem solving involved to be very fulfilling, and I’m grateful to have such an intellectually rewarding career.

Who are you at home?

In my spare time, I script interfaces for writing and performing music in new ways. I’m also a digital painter and sculptor, and I’ve been known to tell stories on stage with a microphone. I have many creative outlets, and when those get stale, I build new ones.

(As counterintuitive as it sounds, I am happy to work in an industry far removed from my hobbies. This arrangement gives me strict control over my creative works, while still allowing me to support other IPs without reservation.)

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