generative nonsense in C Major

Here’s a bunch of ran­dom notes. I estab­lished some rules for the vir­tu­al ensem­ble to fol­low, pressed play, and record­ed the results. Parts of it sound decent, but it isn’t very natural.

Here, I’ve mapped some effects con­trols, as well as the veloc­i­ty val­ues of each note, to a motion sen­sor. As I rotate it around, para­me­ters adjust accord­ing­ly. When I lunge at the screen, stab­by accents occur. It’s very satisfying.

Things sound more human, until they don’t.

And here, I forego the wacky repeat effects in favor of tem­po con­trol. Same basic con­trol par­a­digm, but the results should be more subtle.

EDIT: Just noticed my “thin out incom­ing notes” rou­tines weren’t work­ing on most of the instru­ments. Fixed now.

More to come, sure­ly. But I’m hap­py with the progress.