something new

There’s an extra tool I want to build for GTZ Hydra. Continuing the guitar analogy, it would represent the ability to, given a chord, pluck individual strings. There would be a percentage slider, and the utility would look at the notes currently playing, divide them up equally in an array, and find you the note closest to that position. This would allow you to record patterns that are slightly more melodic (which still transform to accommodate the whims of the performer).

Thinking about the limits of this approach, I started contemplating a purely melodic instrument that ties into this system. Something a little more fluid; less restrictive than what I’ve got going. This notion consumed my brain, and a week later, I’ve got something fairly close to a proof-of-concept (of a preliminary first step). It’s not perfect, but I’m declaring this milestone achieved.

Without giving anything away, it looks a little somethin’ like this:

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