Rejected: 50 Years of Lefty’s Head

In 1998, Lefty’s Head released a concept album titled “50 Years of Lefty’s Head” (the concept being that someone had sent their greatest hits compilation back from the future, to serve as a beacon of hope for us stuck here in the less-enlightened present). The following images represent varying stages of development for the CD cover.

Here’s the first concept sketch I made:

My hard drive died shortly after creating that last picture, so I had to start over. I went a more comedic route this time.

This ultimately proved to be the wrong direction; portraying the band in a disturbing and unattractive light.

This is as far as I got with it before they asked me to stop.

They went with an oil painting from a different artist, depicting the band at their present age. And while that was probably the right move, I do think it darkened their basic message.

If ambassadors from the future are still concerned with the appearance of youth, how far could we have progressed, really?