the Change

I made this track as accompaniment for the ballad to end a friend’s stage show. It was, however, decided that her show shouldn’t end on a ballad, so the song was scrapped.


Two years later, this mix came about mostly because, in exporting the stems for a new collaboration, I realized that the drums were straight out of GarageBand. One loop, no variation. That won’t do. So, I glitched out the drums a bit, and they sounded pretty good now but didn’t match the song at all anymore. Now they do.

Stems, you say? A new collaboration? That’d be here.

One-Hand Jam at LAX

Boredom at the airport can be pretty oppressive, but, lo! A charging station!

This isn’t a great video on any level, but it is a proud moment.

I think it sounds a lot better after 0:50, but I couldn’t not include the moment that lead there.

my first monome video

Explanation Pending from GreaterThanZero on Vimeo.


Ableton Live provides a somewhat non-linear, modular approach to creating music. It’s popular amongst DJs in particular, and producers of hip-hop, but it has some great tools for my workflow as well.

Max/MSP/Jitter is a visual scripting language which creates and manipulates audio and video. It’s traditionally been popular in experimental avant garde circles, but a new generation of electronic musicians have adopted it, thanks in part to the monome.

The monome is a grid of buttons that light up, allowing you to tangibly manipulate any idea that can be expressed in a two-dimensional grid over time. It’s minimalist in design, and open-ended in function. This makes it an ideal interface for something as open-ended as Max/MSP/Jitter, and in many cases, the ideal instrument for musicians who work with samples. This creates a strange overlap in the user base, which makes their community a fun place to be.

Recently, these worlds have merged further with the release of Max for Live, which allow Max/MSP/Jitter developers to re-imagine what Ableton Live can be used for, and build new interfaces inside it.

I’m involved pretty heavily in the monome community, mostly helping people with Max for Live. I’ve created some tools of my own in it, and several of those are at work in this video.

Technical discussion of those will be found here. At least in theory. Thus far, it’s just me in there.

(This happens a lot when I post something too far outside of the norm. Does silence convey reverence, or pity? I’ve left the world dumbfounded.)