simple animation test

This video’s a few years old. I was trying to document my methods for sculpting a character head in ZBrush.

The animation was produced by just exporting the work in progress at various phases, and using the resulting meshes as morph targets in 3D studio max.

The music is… well, it’s something I should probably finish writing someday. But I only had a few seconds to fill, so there we are.

Every part of this is something I’d do differently today. The advancements in software have been crazy!

Idea Ship

I made this image as a Christmas present for artist and activist Phil Yeh, who created and owns the Winged Tiger and Patrick Rabbit characters pictured, and reserves all rights to them.

Phil’s work is about promoting literacy and creativity, and I used this project to pull myself out of a creative slump. It seemed a poetic fit.

If you haven’t read Winged Tiger Comics & Stories, the scene depicted might not make a lot of sense to you. Patrick Rabbit is a cartoonist with writers block, and the Winged Tiger is using its magic to drag Patrick all over the universe to ask artists where they get their ideas. Wherever possible, the answers come from Phil personally interviewing those artists, and the comic’s artwork incorporates sketches that they give him. It’s an inspiring community effort, as well as a technically daunting collaboration. To read more about or purchase Phil’s books, visit

Rejected: 50 Years of Lefty’s Head

In 1998, Lefty’s Head released a concept album titled “50 Years of Lefty’s Head” (the concept being that someone had sent their greatest hits compilation back from the future, to serve as a beacon of hope for us stuck here in the less-enlightened present). The following images represent varying stages of development for the CD cover.

Here’s the first concept sketch I made:

My hard drive died shortly after creating that last picture, so I had to start over. I went a more comedic route this time.

This ultimately proved to be the wrong direction; portraying the band in a disturbing and unattractive light.

This is as far as I got with it before they asked me to stop.

They went with an oil painting from a different artist, depicting the band at their present age. And while that was probably the right move, I do think it darkened their basic message.

If ambassadors from the future are still concerned with the appearance of youth, how far could we have progressed, really?