“Orbituary” arc demo

Just an explo­ration of sim­u­lat­ed physics-based audio con­trols.  The video explains itself some­what bet­ter than I can in text.

I pro­grammed this back in 2011, but am plan­ning to revis­it the idea soon. The big change being, rather than four pre­re­cord­ed audio loops, I’d like to dynam­i­cal­ly gen­er­ate those loops with a grid based step sequencer interface.

Any­way… if you’re a max/msp user with first gen­er­a­tion monome arc hard­ware at your dis­pos­al, and want to dig into sev­er­al drafts of my ancient source code for some rea­son, that can be found in this forum thread.
(I would be “greaterthanze­ro” there)

my first monome video

Expla­na­tion Pend­ing from GreaterThanZe­ro on Vimeo.

Able­ton Live pro­vides a some­what non-lin­ear, mod­u­lar approach to cre­at­ing music. It’s pop­u­lar amongst DJs in par­tic­u­lar, and pro­duc­ers of hip-hop, but it has some great tools for my work­flow as well.

Max/MSP/Jitter is a visu­al script­ing lan­guage which cre­ates and manip­u­lates audio and video. It’s tra­di­tion­al­ly been pop­u­lar in exper­i­men­tal avant garde cir­cles, but a new gen­er­a­tion of elec­tron­ic musi­cians have adopt­ed it, thanks in part to the monome.

The monome is a grid of but­tons that light up, allow­ing you to tan­gi­bly manip­u­late any idea that can be expressed in a two-dimen­sion­al grid over time. It’s min­i­mal­ist in design, and open-end­ed in func­tion. This makes it an ide­al inter­face for some­thing as open-end­ed as Max/MSP/Jitter, and in many cas­es, the ide­al instru­ment for musi­cians who work with sam­ples. This cre­ates a strange over­lap in the user base, which makes their com­mu­ni­ty a fun place to be.

Recent­ly, these worlds have merged fur­ther with the release of Max for Live, which allow Max/MSP/Jitter devel­op­ers to re-imag­ine what Able­ton Live can be used for, and build new inter­faces inside it.

I’m involved pret­ty heav­i­ly in the monome com­mu­ni­ty, most­ly help­ing peo­ple with Max for Live. I’ve cre­at­ed some tools of my own in it, and sev­er­al of those are at work in this video.

Tech­ni­cal dis­cus­sion of those will be found here. At least in the­o­ry. Thus far, it’s just me in there.

(This hap­pens a lot when I post some­thing too far out­side of the norm. Does silence con­vey rev­er­ence, or pity? I’ve left the world dumbfounded.)