“Orbituary” arc demo

Just an explo­ration of sim­u­lat­ed physics-based audio con­trols.  The video explains itself some­what bet­ter than I can in text.

I pro­grammed this back in 2011, but am plan­ning to revis­it the idea soon. The big change being, rather than four pre­re­cord­ed audio loops, I’d like to dynam­i­cal­ly gen­er­ate those loops with a grid based step sequencer interface.

Any­way… if you’re a max/msp user with first gen­er­a­tion monome arc hard­ware at your dis­pos­al, and want to dig into sev­er­al drafts of my ancient source code for some rea­son, that can be found in this forum thread.
(I would be “greaterthanze­ro” there)