arc painter

As we start brainstorming new app interfaces based around’s new arc controller, I wanted a tool for sketching out illustrations. Came up with this:

You’re going to have to view in a Flash enabled browser to see this.

Again, this is not an arc emulator. It won’t send or receive OSC commands, let you preview animations, or interact with a virtual controller in any meaningful way. But it may still prove handy for visualizing and explaining some things.


  • Clicking a color at bottom selects that color. If the “all” ring at bottom-right is enabled, all LEDs will change to that color.
  • Clicking the “all” ring will enable or disable it.
  • Clicking an LED up top will change it to the selected color (and disable the “all” ring)
  • Clicking an LED up top, if it color already matched your selection, will revert that LED to the color it was set to last before this.
  • When you’ve arranged things adequately to illustrate what you had in mind, take a screenshot. Do what you need to in Photoshop and attach the results to a forum post.

As this was a quick sketch itself, the source code isn’t all that exciting, but if you’ve got Flash CS4 handy and some time to kill, have at it.

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