regarding Velcro

I did not invent Velcro. But I do think it’s been sorely underutilized in the realm of electronic music, and I make a point to evangelize its usefulness at every opportunity.

I have a music stand that I’ve covered with industrial strength velcro. If you’ve been following my videos, you’ve seen it in at least two of them so far. The music stand faces away from me, and I reach over it to interact with things.

What this allows me to do is position a bunch of small electronics such that I can use them with decent ergonomics, holds them down so they don’t slide away, and ensures that an audience can see what I’m doing.

Why is that last bit important? Well, it pretty much establishes whether or not I have any chance of connecting with the audience. Rule of thumb: If I’m not making eye contact and you can’t see what I’m looking at, you’re not engaged. In fact, you’re probably making plans to leave early.

Anyway… I put Velcro on stuff. And whatever else I might achieve in life, I think that’s my legacy. Someone is going to rocket to stardom on their own Velcro laden music stand, and I’ll be the one who convinced them to try it.

All of which leads us to this bit of nonsense, for which I apologize (while simultaneously making no apologies).

Velcro!! from GreaterThanZero on Vimeo.

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